Teaching Assistant at Brown University


  • Intermediate Macroeconomics (Professor: Stelios Michalopoulos)

  • Labor Economics (Professor: Kenneth Chay)

  • Gender Inequality and Development (Professor: Ana Revenga)

  • Race Inequality (Professor: Glen Loury)


  • Topics on Labor Economics PhD level (Professor: Kenneth Chay)


Teaching Evaluations:

Some Selected Comments:

  • Juan Uribe was the most helpful TA I have had at Brown in the past three years. Not only was he willing to stay extra after his office hours ended, he was also willing to reply to emails throughout the week to answer lingering content questions. Similar to the Professor, Juan Uribe was able to simplify course content and make it more accessible to students who knew less or had trouble understanding.

  • He was very responsive to and respectful of students' questions.

  • JP did a great job giving feedback on our problem sets and in the TA sessions. He was also consistently available for questions remotely which was very helpful.

  • Very responsive and available, review sessions were well structured and effective.